I lost over 60 pounds following paleo!

I celebrated by birthday two days ago with a gift to myself; the launch of my first blog! I am so excited to share how I lost over 60 pounds following paleo.  I am frequently asked how I have lost all my weight.  When I tell people I have been following the paleo lifestyle, very few people have any knowledge on what the word paleo means.  When I reply, “no grains, no dairy, no soy, no processed sugars; basically I eat whole foods.”  I get this look of what is left to eat?!?!  Coming from a self proclaimed foode I have found I didn’t have to compromise the love of food I have.  My secret has been finding a paleo version of the things I used to love to eat.  The most amazing change has been my relationship with food.  Food no longer has control over me.  What a freeing experience!!!  I hear people all the time talking about going on “diets,” trying to cut back, eating frozen processed meals to save some calories.  I am here to share my experience in hopes of helping others find their food freedom all while enjoying food!

I started my paleo journey with The Whole30 program by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig 12 days after I delivered my second child.  It was during my newborn photo session, our photographer mentioned that she did the while pregnant.  That day, I immediately started researching and read that there was a section in their book on how to follow if pregnant or breast feeding.  Since I am a nursing mom, not affecting my milk supply was very important to me.  I knew my sugar cravings were really bad and this is what I needed. I completed 120 days of The Whole30 before going more paleo.

Day 1 and day 121 whole30

Day 1 and day 121 whole30

I started July 1, 2015 with my mom.  I lost 7 or 8 pounds the first month and continued to lose 8 lbs a month constantly for the next 5 months.  That’s huge y’all!  Every three months I was dropping a pant size.  Now I am at a total of 63 pounds.  Especially in the beginning, I loved reading success stories for motivation.  Now I want to pay it forward and hopefully help others to not only be motivated, but how to enjoy yummy paleo foods and how we make it work in our family with little ones and a budget!

Before and now!

Before and now!

About paleofoode@paleofoode.com

I am passionate about sharing what has worked for me for food freedom. I am a mom and a nurse. I love the science and research behind paleo/primal life style; its the nurse in me :) Its not always easy following paleo in the busy modern world we live in. I have learned how to make it work for my busy life and hope to help other's along the way. I love food, but now I love how it no longer has control over me!

9 comments on “I lost over 60 pounds following paleo!

  1. Congratulations, Nicole! I’m so happy for you , the weight loss, the launch of your blog. You look amazing , can’t wait to read more about your journey.

  2. I am so proud of you and inspired by you. I was thinking of you earlier today when I was using coconut aminos instead of soy for the first time.

    • Thank you!!! All the support is so encouraging! Coconut Aminos rocks! I will have to do a post on it and all its benefits and uses 🙂

  3. I’ve got to lose 30 pounds for my health. You have really inspired me to get started with your Blog.

    Love ya!

    • That makes me so happy to hear! It was not easy putting my before picture out there but I did it to hopefully help others! You can do it!!!

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