Bacon avocado bites

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! We kicked off our Memorial Day menu with these yummy avocado bacon bites. They are delicious, filling and best of all, super easy and fast to make!! And who doesn’t like Bacon?!?!


I kept seeing all these “fat bomb” recipes pop up on Pinterest. “Fat bombs?” What the heck is that? It’s basically a one or two bite sized portion loaded with healthy fats.

Eating fats to lose weight and be healthy sounds backwards from what has been drilled in to our heads for so long.  Good fats do a number of good things for our bodies.  For one, it helps you stay fuller longer.  Avocados are considered unsaturated fats and research shows this helps lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

My inspiration for the avocado bacon bites came from Nom Nom Paleo’s, bacon and guacamole sammies. I whipped these up one afternoon with some left over bacon in no time. I skipped any salt since bacon is naturally salty.


1lb uncured bacon
1 large or 1.5 small avocados

Preheat oven to 425 degrees, lay your bacon strips on a drip pan and bake until crisp, about 20 min.

While your bacon is doing good things in the oven, slice up your a avocado.  Cut each slice of cooked bacon in to 4 pieces.

Layer each slice with a thin slice of avocado and top with more bacon.

You can also cook your bacon in the microwave.  If you have never cooked bacon in the oven, I highly recommend it.  Game changer and no mess!!!


I am passionate about sharing what has worked for me for food freedom. I am a mom and a nurse. I love the science and research behind paleo/primal life style; its the nurse in me :) Its not always easy following paleo in the busy modern world we live in. I have learned how to make it work for my busy life and hope to help other's along the way. I love food, but now I love how it no longer has control over me!

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