5 benefits of paleo!



Yes a Paleo lifestyle helps many people lose weight, but it’s goes far beyond the scale.  Here is a quick list of some benefits:

1: lowers inflammation in the body.
The list of medical conditions that people have improvements with is astonishing.  Basically you are feeding your self good whole foods.  Eliminating processed foods help lower inflammation in our body.  Inflammation is the culprit for many problems that can lead to things like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders.

2: Increased energy levels.
In my personal experience, I have noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels.  I started The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom when my second child was 12 days old.  I read that this way of eating really helps with fatigue.  I had some extra motivation to give this thing a try with a newborn baby.  I rarely had to take naps, even with an erratic sleep schedule. I remember with my first child feeling overwhelming exhausted.  When I returned to work after maternity leave, I struggled with constantly feeling exhausted.  I was not one of the lucky moms with a baby that sleeps 12 hours through the night early on.  My coworker made a comment after my second child of how alert and full of energy I was (thank you whole30!!!).

I finally convinced my husband to do the whole30 this past March (he has since gone rogue on me ;).this first several days were ROUGH, but he soon had the same energy levels as if he drank an energy drink (just minus all the junk).

3. Food freedom
I keep mentioning food freedom and this is what I mean.  Doing The Whole30 has naturally fixed my inner struggle with portion control and sugar cravings.  I never eat beyond what satisfies me.  In the past, it was really difficult to stop eating a really tasty dish at the first sign of being full.  I no longer have to think about this and naturally stop.  I’m also not a slave to counting calories or fat grams.

4. Find the weight your DNA is designed to be.
Paleo and primal lifestyles are built on the theory of eating like our ancestors did.  I read in the Primal Blueprint Fitness from Mark’s Daily Apple that we have the potential to control 80% of our genetic body composition by eating primal.  I can contest to this!  I have lost 64 lbs with minimal exercise.  I walk and it hasn’t always been consistent.  So most of that it from nutrition alone!! Read my success story here.

5. Heals your gut.
I have been very blessed to not have digestive issues but there are so many out there that struggle with GI problems.  These problems range from IBS to Crohn’s disease and many others.  A huge part of our immune system comes from our gut. A happy healthy gut = a better immune system 🙂

The list goes on and on of the benefits.  For me, I feel really good that I am feeding myself really healthy choices.  I may not have control over the things that happen, but I can have control in choosing to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and for my beautiful family 🙂

About paleofoode@paleofoode.com

I am passionate about sharing what has worked for me for food freedom. I am a mom and a nurse. I love the science and research behind paleo/primal life style; its the nurse in me :) Its not always easy following paleo in the busy modern world we live in. I have learned how to make it work for my busy life and hope to help other's along the way. I love food, but now I love how it no longer has control over me!

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